HANAMARU AUCTION Accdent and Breakdown car

Hanamaru Corporation
1-14-16-40F, Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
TEL: +81(0)6 6613 3330

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Notification Regarding Winter Vacation

Dear customers

Thank you for your continuous support as always.

Hanamaru is going to take the winter vacation the following day.
Head office, Every Branch, Every Yard is also closed.

Winter vacation: (Sat) December 28th 2019 to (Sun) January 5th 2020
Resume our Business: (Mon) January 6th 2020

*The last auction in 2019: (Fri) December 27th 2019
*The first auction in 2019: (Tue) January 7th 2020

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and continuous support.


Regarding Temporary Closure of Gunma temporay 2nd yard

Dear Customers:

Thank you for always choosing our services.
We apologize in advance for all the inconvenience.
We will not be able to accept any pick-ups or inspections on the following date.

December 13th (Friday) 9am-6pm

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and continuous support


We open Temporary Yard

In the disaster of Typhoon No.19,we have been opened Temporary Yard in addition.

Iwaki temporary 2nd Yard
1060-6 Oharauchi, Hirakata-cho, Kitaibaraki city, Ibaraki pref.

Iwaki temporary 3rd Yard
around 1-11-16 Tairanumanouchisuwahara,Iwaki city,Fukushima pref.

Chiba temporary 1st Yard
83-2 Shimoya,Togane city,Chiba pref.

Tochigi temporary 1st Yard
1200 Yoshimizucho,Sano,Tochigi pref

Gunma temporary 1st Yard
215 Takaze-cho, Ota city, Gunma pref.


[Since Nov 11th (Monday)] Okayama yard new working hour

Dear customers

Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and continuous support.

Okayama yard available days is changed since (Monday) November 11th

Available Pick days: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Reservation-only

Please call before two days when you pick up cars
Booking TEL: 086-485-0666


We open Temporary Yard

We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to all of the victims of Typhoon No.19
In this disaster, we have been opened Temporary Yard in the following areas.
Thank you for your confirmation.

* Fukushima temporary 1st Yard
ZIP:969-0200 200-3Shinmachi, Nishishirakawagun,Yabukimachi,Fukushima pref.

* Ibaragi temporary 1st Yard
ZIP: 311-4153 4730-5Kawawadacho, Mito city,Ibaraki pref.

* Nagano temporary 1st Yard
ZIP:387-0023 5876-4Yawata, Chikuma city, Nagano pref.

* Sendai temporary 1st Yard
ZIP: 989-2424 1-8 Maekawa, Hayamata, Iwanuma city,Miyagi pref.

* Iwaki temporary 1st Yard
ZIP:979-0146 86-4 Mijyomae Nakosomachi sekita, Iwaki city, Fukushima pref

Available days: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Please make a reservation before 2 days when you pick up cars


Pictures of Auction cars

Dear Customers

We have 18 pictures about the cars.
If you need one or two more pictures, please offer those to us/.
Please use that.

We cannot accept the following offer.
*We need to remove some parts
*We have a lot of offer
*The car is in Nagano yard and Okinawa yard
*The car is not arrived in the yard
*It is hard to take pictures in the yard