2018-05-02 Change of Okayama Yard's tellphone number
2018-04-26 Change of Kobe Central Yard's tellphone number
2018-04-26 Notice for our server maintenance
2018-04-25 Notification of changing Inland deliverly charge between som
2018-04-12 Golden Week Holiday Notice
2018-04-09 Last picking up day at Kobe Yard
2018-04-09 Okayama Vehicles Management Center Relocation
2018-04-06 Opening Kobe Central Vehicles Management Center
2018-04-05 Regarding Temporary Closure of Nagoya2 Vehicles Center
2018-04-04 Regarding Temporary Closure of Hokkaidou Vehicles Center
2018-03-29 Accrding to chenge of picking-up condition from Nagano Vehic
2018-03-12 Announcement of International Stock Vehicles
2017-10-20 Shizuoka Vehicles Mabagement Center Relocation
2017-10-12 Niigata Vehicles Management Center Relocation
2017-08-10 Hokkaido Vehicles Management Center Relocation
2017-08-01 Change of Syutoken Vehicle Centers tellphone number
2017-06-14 Saitama Vehicles Management Center Relocation
2017-06-13 Change of Pick-Up Hours of Vehicles Management Centers
2017-01-31 Regarding Auction Department New Fax Number
2017-01-30 Changes of the Vehicles Arriving Notification
2017-01-06 Regarding Opening of Okinawa Vehicles Management Center
2016-06-24 Notice in regards to sale of Parts